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What Do I Do After an Automobile Accident?

I have treated many patients here at Total Care Clinic and as time has passed I’ve noticed that a lot of people do not know what to do immediately after experiencing a car accident. And even if one knows what to do, sometimes once you are in the moment you forget what steps you have to take due to being stressed, upset, and in shock. I always feel very bad for my patients that have gone through this so I’d like to give this general information so that everyone knows what steps need to be taken immediately after a car accident and how to take them. 

1.  Victim's Status

  • First, check where you are injured and if you have any fractures, ruptures, bruises, or if you are bleeding from anywhere.
  • Carefully check if the other driver (third party) has been using drugs or if they are drunk.

2.  Contact Information

  • Get the name of the third party, their phone number, and insurance information. Sometimes, members of the third party give the wrong phone number. To avoid this kind of situation it is recommended to call the number from the location of the accident in order to verify that the phone number is correct.

3.  Photographs

  • Photographs should be taken of the scene of the accident and of every aspect of the vehicles involved including license plates. Not just of your car.
  • Photos of the third party’s driver’s license should also be taken as well as of their proof of insurance. In that moment, make sure to check the expiration date.

4. Witnesses

  • If available, ask any available witness to give their statement about the accident. Voice recordings are very useful to protect you if they are needed. Try to also write down the name and number of all witnesses.

5. Fill out a police report

  • Many people are intimidated when it comes to filling out a police report and think that it will complicate the situation even more so they decide against it. This is a big mistake. The police will actually do the opposite of that and can help you a lot after the accident. When you receive a copy of the report, make sure that the third party’s information is in the top part and the victim’s information is on the bottom. This is very important in order to avoid any mistakes or confusion. If you notice that something in the report is incorrect, let the police officer know immediately. Some drivers refuse to involve the police, in this case make sure there is an exchange of information as mentioned above.

6.  Emergency Room

  • Usually, ambulances always arrive at the scene whenever there is a car accident. Of course, you need to go to the emergency room when you are seriously injured, but you decide whether you want to go or not. It depends on how serious the accident is.
  • In the emergency room, if you have any fractures, internal injuries, or are bleeding anywhere, doctors will give you the attention you need.

7.  Go to the Clinic

  •        Even if you don't have any bone fractures, internal injuries, and are not bleeding, automobile accidents can cause various physical problems. If you do not receive treatment, as time passes, you can suffer from a delayed injury due to the accident. Every patient has the right to choose an appropriate clinic where they think they will receive the treatment they need. There is no designated clinic that every automobile accident victim needs to go to, you choose who will give you the best care possible. There have been many patients that have received treatment here at Total Care Clinic and have mentioned how their lives have changed after treatment. We recommend that you read the testimonials found here on our web site to see what our patients have to say about our services.

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